What Is Bitdefender Antivirus?

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Do you know what is bitdefender, in this article we will talk about a bitdefender antivirus review now in just a bit you’ll find out everything you need to know about this awesome bit of software that even leaves computer experts in a bit of distress thanks to how great it is but flattery gets us nowhere so let’s be a bit more factual and take a look to see if bitdefender has to swallow a bitter pill because it’s a bit out of standards you and me well we’re both gonna go deep we’re to address the pros and cons of this service find out.

if it’s safe to use what kind of security features it has and how much this kind of security costs we’ll also check how easy it is to use bitdefender and if it has a good customer support system now for mobile users out there don’t worry we’ll look into bitdefenders mobile apps as well and hey if this kind of content is right up your alley consider read this article where there is much more for you to experience.

And in the end of this article if i’ve answered all your questions well don’t be shy give it a like nothing makes me happier than the thought of my article helping you now bitdefender is a big name in the antivirus world if you already own antivirus software or are looking into getting some chances are you’ve heard of it a lot of people and websites talk about it but me we always get that eerie feeling that if something is getting pushed that way you might need to take a hard look at you know past the marketing and that’s what got me so invested.

In bitdefender is it a really good service or just a piece of coal wrapped in a fancy candy wrapper that’s what this review will find out or rather already found out but in text form so if you’re more of a reader type head through this link and then give this review a read that’s also where you’ll find the list of decent alternatives to bitdefender and well that could be worth checking out right okay now that that’s all done with let’s get directly into the review let’s go straight to the important things what are the pros and cons of bitdefender payne customers receive the full extent of bitdefender’s features so we guess i’ll start with those pros include best-in-class malware detection a built-in vpn with a free version included flexible adaptability to your device’s specs automated management of system updates tracking protection multi-layered.

Ransomware protection a 30-day trial for the paid version and customer support for both free and paid versions yeah it has all that and wehaven’t even listed all of them by the way i’m just well running out of space here but it’s not like bitdefender is perfect we nobody is known cons are the vpn is kind of restricted no customer support for the free version on mac os limited functionality of ios app and a relatively high price for the paid version yep it seems you’re going to have a bit of trouble if you’re an apple fan or on a budget as for the vpn feature well come on bit defender’s not a vpn service provider so it’s no surprise that they aren’t very good in that department now while all those pros are impressive you’ll be even more delighted to know that they mostly translate into the free version of course there are a lot of things not offered in the free version but bitdefender will protect your operating system from threats in real time and regularly.

Update the threat database while also preventing web attacks and frauds it’ll also tailor its performance to your hardware and software to not overload your os they do all that for free now that we took a brief look at the pros and cons let’s go a little bit deeper starting with security you ever heard of a b comparatives you know that austrian company that goes around testing security software to make sure privacy and security promises are upheld well that very av comparatives found bitdefender to be the security product of the year for four years weknow wedidn’t believe it myself at first but according to av comparatives bitdefender is so good it blocked 100 of malware doing a whole month of testing not gonna lie didn’t see that one coming this really is impressive now let’s take a look at how bitdefender managed to get such an impressive result if we were to go into every feature of this antivirus service this would have been an hour long article  so let’s check out the most impressive features.

That make the paid version so worth it bitdefender’s advanced threat defense is what makes the most magic it’s an intricate system that monitors all processes running on your device now if something seems a bit fishy bitdefender will be right on top of it then we have ransomware remediation that will back up your data if any ransomware will attempt to encrypt it anti-spam is a neat tool that sorts your email with a deep scan and identify spam there’s also safe play for preventing malware from getting into your payment info anti-tracker which doesn’t allow any web services to harvest your data or even track your activity now if you have a webcam installed you’ll find anti-webcam hijack useful that way no one will peep at you without your permission there are also built-in vpns and a password manager the last feature wewant to mention is file

Shredder it completely dismantles any data on your device should you decide to sell it then nobody will be able to recover the data and use it against you so let’s ask a logical question how much would a software with so many features cost obviously there’s a limited free version but if you’re going to pay there are really two options the antivirus plus package and the total security package you can see the differences on the screen more features mean a higher price but casual users might be totally fine with antivirus plus or even the free version bitdefender itself is quite easy to use with features separated in three distinct categories protection privacy and utilities

protection covers the usual antivirus stuff real time protection firewall all that while privacy refers to ways of staying anonymous online vpn safepay and password manager all belong here in utilities you’ll find optimization tools profile management and file shredder simple enough there is an easier way to make everything even easier though the lite version of the free edition which only performs a malware scan if you run into any problems while using bitdefender you can rely on the customer support team and we do mean rely the live chat support is fast and helpful they don’t care if you’re a free or paid user if you have an issue you’ll get it fixed there are also guides on an faq section on the website that will help you if you don’t feel like you know bothering an operator now i’ve already mentioned that the ios app is quite lackluster and that’s well kind of an understatement you do have protection against fraudulent.

Websites a personal data leak check and a vpn with 200 megabytes daily bandwidth so you don’t have to be a tech genius to realize this is really not enough for decent antivirus coverage on the other hand the android app is completely opposite this app mirrors the desktop one in both appearance and features there are also android only features like app applock anti-theft and shared protection now before my final conclusion let me remind you that you can read my article and read all my blog and give you a advice like this one and if you enjoy this article in its conclusion hey leave it a like now while at first wedidn’t believe the excessive chatter about bit defender’s quality and greatness just too much hype for one antivirus you know but after this deep investigation we think we all found out that bitdefender totally lives up to its expectations look it’s groundbreaking security software albeit a little more pricey than the competitors however most users will find even the free version satisfactory and you well we guess it’s up to you what you do with all this info right all.

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