determine the quality and performance of antivirus in computer systems

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Having the latest Antivirus or internet security on your computer may be something to be proud of and provide a sense of security from attacks such as malware, viruses, backdoors, worms, trojans and others. But are you sure the antivirus you are using is of high quality or provides the best security for your computer? Of course, you can check the quality of the Antivirus on your computer through that one website service, Av Test. Here’s how to check the quality of the antivirus through

antivirus komputer

Open one of your browsers, in this tip follow this tips using Google Chrome browser. Then you can access there
After you see the main page, you select the Home User button

This website will automatically check the operating system you are using, Jalantikus uses Windows 7 and the av-test also shows the best antivirus for Windows 7.

At the bottom of the operating system you can see that there is a month name indicating when the last test was carried out by Av-test. Here it was last shown in August 2014.

AV-Test is also useful for those of you who want to determine a quality antivirus before you buy a paid antivirus. For the free version, Av-test shows that avira has good enough quality for you to use on your computer.

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