Best Antivirus Software For Small Business

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In an organization, ensuring highly reliable data is especially important at the executive level. The wrong file or executable was copied and the safety network was broken. Especially with new viruses appearing every day and someone waiting months to get a patch from an antivirus company, that gap may not exist. The data available to an organization is so important that it stays the same without security and doesn’t have to be risked if someone is sure it will fail.

Why Enterprise Security?

Here point It seems that Windows 10 here comes with default antivirus, Windows Defender and even many free antivirus options, why do we need solution companies that pay for our offices? Here are some possible reasons why you should choose a security company instead of free personal antivirus software or paid.

Centered on system management

While free antivirus software makes sense, if you’re a system administrator and want to manage security with centralized solution-free security, don’t offer any options at all. You must install antivirus software separately on each system in your organization. If many user groups are powerful users, they may disable or remove system security without your knowledge.
Enterprise antivirus usually has its own system administration center and additional administrators who can remotely and automatically install device software security without involving every user.

cost per install

That being said, if you want to install paid antivirus software on every system in your company, the cost per installation is likely to be higher than the solution provider.

server security

Another advantage of the security solution provided by the company is antivirus and server security on top of the security client.
So, to help you avoid any risks, we’ve prepared a list of the best device-level enterprise antivirus software.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky is one of our oldest antivirus software available for devices. This was originally developed for companies that wanted to protect their data, especially when computers were connected to the Internet to monitor for low file penetration.

He recently moved on to serve corporate, professional and home computers. Security Office Small New from Kaspersky is a complete Internet security and antivirus package for small intranets. This allows users to fully protect one or more PCs by setting a set of rules.
The package is equipped with a range of features to protect the network from cyber attacks, unauthorized intrusions, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, and more. Kaspersky rates virus detection highly because it uses the latest library features for virus detection and big data analysis.


Achieve high malware protection
Tools to encrypt and manage patches
Mobile email, server and connection protection


Kaspersky Small Office Security is not available in all regions. You need to contact the specific provider in your area to get it.


You can purchase at least 3 users of Kaspersky Small Office Security. The price for 3 users is approximately $151.20 and the license covers the following:
3 desktops
3 mobile phones
1 file server

McAfee Complete Business Protection Point End

McAfee is the other old brand. This has changed a lot since it was acquired by Intel in 2010. Now part of Intel Security and controlled by TPG Mode. McAfee is used by more than 2,000 enterprise customers for its network-wide security, high trust_normal and detection, and fast virus blocking. In Protection Point End for Business, you get virus protection for the entire organization [intranet] – which you can use to set up rule security – further providing a level of security for PCs, Macs and Linux.
In addition to Security Office, McAfee Internet Security is available for Windows tablets and cloud server storage. Show console hosting to control it all.
Second, this provides end-to-end protection for disk encryption and cloud storage.
Chat directly McAfee has enough active and representative sales ready to solve your problems.


Comprehensive protection for virtual environments
Powerful console management that can be hosted in the cloud
Equipped with free utilities related to disk encryption, cloud storage, etc.
Great for small businesses that need privacy protection from regular to the latest

Details Protection Suite pricing McAfee Business is not available online. Therefore, you must contact the representative client for more information

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