A common problem that often occurs on a computer or laptop is being attacked by a virus. As a result of a virus attack, it can slow down laptop performance, unread or lose important files, and even hack accounts. However, with the development of the times, the technology to block viruses is also getting more sophisticated. That’s why it’s now rare for a shocking virus attack to occur.

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Types of Computer Viruses

  1. Virus Worm

Viruses that infect computers use email and are connected to the internet. This virus can reproduce itself, creating useless random files on the computer so that the storage memory fills up quickly and the computer system becomes fragile.

  1. Trojan Virus

This virus appears through the internet and received email. Trojans have the ability to obtain information such as passwords, user habits recorded in the system log, data, and even control the target.

  1. Multipartite Virus

This virus infects certain operating systems and programs which, if left untreated, will compromise the health of RAM and hard disks.

  1. Web Scripting Virus

Web scripting appears when a computer is connected to the internet and interferes with programs on the computer. Actually, Web Scripting is a program code that is used to operate the content on the website and is not a virus. However, because it interferes with it, it is classified as a virus.

  1. FAT Virus

Viruses are hidden in private data storage and are capable of damaging certain files. This virus can hide files so that it appears that the files are lost or deleted.

  1. Memory Resident Virus

This virus infects RAM and computer programs, making laptop performance slow down. This virus is active when the computer is turned on and causes programs to run abnormally.

  1. Companion Virus

This virus interferes with your personal data and hides in the hard disk. It is very difficult to detect because this virus corrupts the fake data format.

  1. Backdoor Virus

This virus is similar to a trojan, but its shape is similar to ordinary files such as games. The name backdoor refers to the mechanism by which a virus can access a system, network, or application.

  1. Directory Virus

This virus makes the computer slow down and can not open the program. This virus also infects files with .exe extension so that files can be lost or error for no reason. When this .exe file works, the virus will be active and infect other files.

  1. Macro Virus

This type of virus with the programming language of an operating system application. This virus usually comes from email and attacks .pps, .xls, or other files. For that, avoid clicking random messages that are not clear.

Around the 2000s, a lot of virus attacks are very detrimental. Some of them are called the most dangerous viruses.

Smadav is antivirus software designed to deal with local and international variants of computer viruses circulating in Indonesia. This antivirus software has free and paid versions after previously being a charity software. Smada took its name from the abbreviation of the school name that made it, namely SMA Negeri 2 Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, while AV stands for Antivirus. Smadav was created in 2006 by Zainuddin Nafarin when he was still in class XI at SMA Negeri 2 Palangka Raya, Central Kalimantan, thanks to the introduction of the Visual Basic programming language in the school’s computer lab.

smadav antivirus

Due to the tight schedule in the academic field, Smadav’s development was delayed until 2008, when he started studying at Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. The features offered by this antivirus software include Smad-Lock and SmaRTP. Smad-Lock is a folder that protects files on data storage devices from virus attacks, while SmaRTP is used to prevent virus files from being executed from data storage devices.

Features such as automatic scanning when new flash memory is inserted into your computer can detect viruses right away and prevent them from spreading. As we all know, Flashdisk is the most common medium for spreading viruses from one computer to another. Smadav also cleans viruses that infect your computer and repairs registry changes that have been altered by viruses. Other anti-virus software usually does not clean the registry, so the computer does not return to normal after cleaning the anti-virus software

Can kill local viruses. Although not as powerful as external antivirus software, Smadav is able to eradicate many viruses, especially computer viruses that usually attack computer users in Indonesia, and can be used in conjunction with other antivirus software. If you are not sure about Smadav antivirus or replace it, you can use Smadav in combination with antivirus like Avira, AVG or even Kaspersky, because Smadav contains minimal antivirus that will not burden your PC, and flash drive security is the best. Although sometimes mr. Was very worried about creating Smadlock and autorun.inf folders, but this Smadav app works well because most computer viruses spread faster via flash memory than the internet itself, so it’s great for offline users.

Smadav is not updated frequently and the update method is simple. Infrequent updates do not mean this antivirus software is not good, but one Smadav update does provide many improvements, not only from the database, but also from the Smadav application system itself, cheap Smadav Pro. While there are plenty of pirated Smadav Pro keys online, you have to donate to buy Smadav pro, and you don’t steal the real thing from the smadav programmer other than thanking the creator. Donations are also relatively easy with Smadav Pro compared to buying other antivirus software. You get 10 times better quality and service than the free version of smadav.

Cyber ​​crime is becoming a common occurrence in the digital age and is expected to cause $6 Trillion in financial damage by 2021. Whether it be data leaks, ransomware campaigns or DDoS attacks that shut down entire companies. These threats are growing every day and are putting everyone at risk. And Antivirus is a solution to protect against cyber crimes.


Here are some reasons why antivirus is important

One of the best ways to protect yourself from cyber crimes is to install one of the best antivirus solutions on your computer, tablet PC or smartphone. A good antivirus program will look for cyber security threats. Alerts you of anything deemed suspicious and reduces incoming attacks, which means you don’t have to worry about hackers.

Virus slow down computer

When a computer falls victim to malware, viruses or other types of cyber attacks, its performance will be significantly hindered. Viruses can take up a lot of memory, perform malicious actions in the background, interfere with the way your computer operates, make it difficult to access the internet and cause legitimate applications to crash. Overall, you will find your computer much slower and more difficult to use. But an antivirus solution will prevent this from happening.

Antivirus software can protect data

Hackers are increasingly launching devastating attacks on unsuspecting victims. From spying on social media accounts to sealing their personal information, cyber criminals are causing chaos online. And if they manage to hack into your computer because it’s not safe, they can do a lot more damage. By downloading one of the best antivirus programs, you will always be safe from hacking threats.

Prevent data loss

It is possible that you store a lot of important data on your computing device, from family photos to business documents. If you don’t back up your hard drive and hackers then break your computer, you could end up losing everything on it. Worse, cyber criminals can even tamper with your personal data.

A good antivirus application will keep hackers out of your device and ensure the contents of your computer cannot be deleted, stolen or altered.

Protect from children

The web can be a dangerous place, especially for children. Be it pornography or gambling sites, much of the content found on the internet is not suitable for children. Without antivirus protection, it is possible for children to find websites, search engines, forums, and other internet services that contain inappropriate content and malware. Simply put, antivirus makes the internet safer for kids.

Make sure your device is hack proof

With the increasing risk of cybercrime. Tech companies are increasingly providing their devices and software with built-in security features to protect users from hackers. But unfortunately, perpetrators are constantly developing new methods to sneak past security measures and hack into devices.

If you want to make your device more secure and protect your privacy. Investing in antivirus software is a very good idea. When antivirus is combined with built-in security features. Your device becomes much more powerful and unbreakable by cyber criminals as a result. So much is at stake without an antivirus.

Bitdefender is an anti-virus application that provides advanced protection against Internet-based threats. You can choose between Bitdefender anti-virus Plus, Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total security. All of these programs have similar features which are discussed below. In addition to these features Bitdefender Internet Security and Bitdefender Total security provide you with a Two-way Firewall, which monitors your Internet connection and prevents unauthorized access, parental controls, which allow you to block inappropriate content, and an Antispam cloud, which prevents email spam reaches the inbox. Bitdefender Total Security also has secure online storage, anti-theft tools and file encryption features.

The best protection. Best performance.
The main asset of Bitdefender is the level of security it provides. You can browse the Web without having to worry about various online infections. With Bitdefender’s Safepay online transactions are a safe and fast process. Anti-malware also protects your social network accounts. It blocks malicious links that you may be exposed to on Facebook, Twitter and other popular sites. Apart from that, the software also checks the links provided to you in Google and Bing search results. It blocks access to broken links that you click. The anti-phishing feature analyzes the sites you open and blocks pages that support virtual credit card fraud and phishing.
Other important features of the utility are Scanner, Active Virus Control and Help Mode. The vulnerability scanner quickly alerts you of vulnerable software, potentially unsafe settings and missing security patches for Windows. Active Virus Control is a detection technology that monitors the behavior of processes in real time and tags questionable activities. Help mode restarts your computer in a trusted environment which is used for cleaning in case a malicious threat manages to infiltrate your PC.
Bitdefender presents your security status of the past week in a security report. This report consists of fixed problems, freed up space, optimized applications, etc. Security Widget, on the other hand, allows you to monitor security-related tasks and quickly scan files for viruses right from your desktop.
Utilities don’t bother you unnecessarily. It blocks notifications when you are playing games, watching videos or working. Anti-malware does not affect the speed of your system, in fact, an innovative technology that improves the performance of your computer. If any program is slowing down your PC, Bitdefender’s OneClick Optmizer will run every known optimization freeing up disk space and speeding up your system.
When it comes to helping and supporting, Bitdefender does not disappoint. You can find the necessary information on the Bitdefender support center site useful topics and coherent explanations. Customer support can be reached by phone, email or online chat 24/7.


Bitdefender Anti Virus is a reliable utility that has many useful features. Provides advanced protection against various malicious threats, keeps your PC clean and improves its performance. Bitdefender is one of the best security suites on the antivirus market today.

From the early 1970s to 1986, the Brain virus was recognized as the first to attack the MS-DOS foundation, so viruses kept popping up.

avg antivirus

In March 1988, the first antivirus software came out. to detect and track brain viruses and keep diskettes virus free. However, a virus called Cascade was discovered shortly after in Germany, the first to be encrypted. That is, a virus consists of code that cannot be changed or deleted. Until 1990, a large number of antivirus software appeared. In 1993, the emergence of a virus called “SatanBug” was frightening, especially in Washington, DC. As a result, industry helped the FBI find and write, and the writers were still kids. After the Windows 95 operating system came out in 1995, antivirus companies didn’t worry that they were no longer needed. The reason is, the virus that attacks the DOS-based boot sector operating system at that time did not seem to have any effect on Windows 95. But in the same year, a macro virus appeared that worked in the Microsoft Word environment, and was no longer DOS-based. The following year, macro viruses appeared under various names: Concept, Boza, Laroux. And in 1999, a macro called Melissa was developed that used Microsoft Word to infect computers and other computers via the Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express email programs.

Antivirus software is software used to protect, detect, and remove viruses from computer systems. Antivirus software is also known as virus protection software. This application can find out whether a computer system has been infected with a virus. Usually, the software runs in the background and performs a scan on all files that are accessed (when they are opened, modified, or saved). Antivirus software – The latest antivirus software detects more than viruses. Antivirus programs are now also capable of detecting spyware, rootkits, and other malware. Not only that, antivirus software now comes with a firewall to protect computers from hackers and antispam to prevent spam and/or viruses from entering the user’s inbox.

Antivirus is divided into two types according to its users, namely home users and network/company users. For home users, the antivirus software runs as usual. For network versions, antivirus software can scan client computers and network drives. Also, the process of updating client computers on the network does not have to come directly from the Internet. Client computers can perform updates directly from the network server.

Antivirus is based on how to get it etc;
(1). Free antivirus software: Antivirus software you get for free
(2). Trial Antivirus: Free but time limited antivirus.
(3). Antivirus Donation: Antivirus obtained through donations
(4). Paid Antivirus: Antivirus is obtained through purchase. In general, antivirus works as follows: Use a database of virus signatures to detect. The way this antivirus works is a method widely used by traditional antivirus software, using a small portion of the virus code that has been analyzed by the antivirus vendor for signs of virus presence and grouping them by type, size, size, etc. Damage and other categories. other.

This method is fast and reliable enough to detect viruses that have been analyzed by antivirus vendors, but new viruses cannot be detected until a new virus signature database is installed on the system. Virus databases can be obtained from anti-virus manufacturers, and are generally available free of charge by downloading or subscribing

As technology develops, antivirus protection for Windows PCs and laptops is also becoming increasingly important. The development of computer and digital technology is always accompanied by an increase in cyber-crime, which means that viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and phishing are increasingly sophisticated.

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, making it a prime target for thousands of dangerous viruses and malware. It can also be spread through many media, both offline and online.


Internet access that is getting easier and cheaper also makes it easier for viruses and malware to spread, especially for users who are less aware of the mode of spreading viruses and malware.

Fortunately, there are many antivirus programs that you can use for free. Free antiviruses generally offer basic protection features, but are worth checking out. And free antiviruses are usually sufficient to protect users from standard day-to-day computer and internet activities.

You are free to upgrade the service to a premium version to get various extra features and protection, according to your activities and needs.

We tried many antivirus programs to provide free antivirus reviews and recommendations for you. Read this article thoroughly to find out which antivirus suits your needs.

Is Windows Security Not Enough to Protect Windows?

Yes, your Windows is equipped with a built-in antivirus program called Windows Security. This program, especially on Windows 10, is a pretty good antivirus program.

However, Windows Defender is not enough to protect your computer in online activities, in the form of privacy protection and detection of malicious websites. In addition, Microsoft rarely updates Windows Defender, so it often lags behind in virus and malware protection technology compared to third-party antivirus services.

Especially if you are a Windows user before Windows 10, namely Windows 7 or Windows 8, then the default Windows antivirus program is really unreliable.
For this reason, the majority of users need a program that is specifically dedicated to more sophisticated protection, so that your computer is completely safe from the threat of dangerous viruses and malware.
The following 5 recommendations for the best antivirus software can help you choose the most suitable antivirus program for your daily needs.

How We Choose the Best Free Antivirus for Windows?
There are many antivirus programs that you can find online, each with its own features and strengths. We understand that this process can make it difficult to choose from hundreds of antivirus programs.
Many offer free antivirus, but actually the program is just a virus scanner (virus scan), but you are asked to pay to kill the virus and malware.
To be included in our list of recommendations below, a free antivirus for Windows must meet the following requirements:
100% Free. We make sure that the antivirus we recommend is absolutely free. All of them provide the option of upgrading to the paid version to activate extra features, but you can still use the free version for as long as you want.
The best protection against viruses and malware. All of the free antiviruses we selected have the best protection from the latest viruses and malware, are regularly updated by their developers, and are among the best antiviruses in independent testing from av-test.org.
Additional features and support. The extra protective features offered in a free antivirus are also our consideration in making recommendations. But we’ve also included a minimalistic antivirus, if that’s an advantage for you.

Antivirus and anti-malware apps permanent be one type most popular app on Android. This used in many smartphone, where the user sometimes feel afraid with threat or incoming danger to in smartphone them .

Actually , an antivirus application or anti-malware no so must or required for installed . However , no there is wrong for know some of them and do action prevention To use avoid things that are not desired . Here we will summarize

1. Avast Antivirus

With more from 100 million downloads and popularity on various platforms, Avast is one of the best antiviruses out there necessary considered . In its Android version , Avast is equipped with with many feature as virus scan , applock , call blocker , support anti-theft and even firewall for rooted device .

This work with good and can find viruses with should . Beside _ that , Avast also has feature booster for enhancement performance device , however no recommended for used .

2. Avira

Apart from Avast, Avira also has a name big in the antivirus ‘world’. This grow with very fast in a year last . Avira is equipped with many features base as protection real- time scan SD card and still many again .

For more features _ from basic , Avira also has endorsement anti-theft , scan privacy and blacklists . This far more light from most antivirus application on this list . Besides that , Avira also has a special tool named Advisor Stagefright who was very recommended for used .

3. Bitdefender Free Antivirus

Since first launched , Bitdefender is not too got significant changes . _ Bitdefender still hold on to his identity as a free antivirus with feature scan basic , simple UI , performance fast and non- configurable .

This is suitable antivirus app used for those who want all something done with fast . This of course no be equipped with many feature interesting , however feature main ie ‘ virus scan ‘ works with very good . This simple and recommended .

4. ESET Mobile Security And Antivirus

Another name for the world of antivirus and anti – walare which is very famous is ESET. This come with complete features _ including scan device , support anti-theft , security audit , scheduling scanning and so on.

Setup process beginning possible a little complicated , however after this easy for used . ESET is also one of the from few antivirus needed e- mail address. This no as heavy as Avast or AVG, however more heavy instead of Bitdefender. by overall , this work with good and recommended .

5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus

Kaspersky integrity as one of the best antivirus continue to Android. In version mobile here , Kaspersky is here with variety feature as blocking call & SMS, scan device , virus updates and anti-theft . Besides that , this also has protection real-time , applock and still many again .

Just like ESET, this no too heavy instead of big antivirus else , however work with very good and thorough . Plus, this is also really focus to goal as ‘antivirus’ and not equipped with features extras that don’t important .

6. Malwarebytes Security

No only available and popular on PC only , Malwarebytes also gets many attention in its Android version . This work with perfect and equip herself with many feature as update virus database scan for ransomware , tracking permission and many again .

Malwarebytes even can scan message from WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS and others to possible virus or malware dangerous that might ‘ sneak ‘ through it . This is great app and not too heavy compared his friends .

7. McAfee Mobile Security And Antivirus

the last one is McAfee which is also quite known as one of the best antivirus. This to be one of the heaviest anyway, however be equipped with feature complete as scan device, anti-theft, anti-spyware and lock security .

What’s interesting , McAfee can take photo from thief cell phone and save location final to cloud before smartphone turned off . Beside that , this still own many Thing other interesting offers . Antivirus section of application this working with very ok , meanwhile a number of feature the addition is not too bad .

That’s earlier a number of best antivirus and antimalware app for Android in 2019. As notes additional , recommended for no use more from one antivirus app on one device

Do you know what is bitdefender, in this article we will talk about a bitdefender antivirus review now in just a bit you’ll find out everything you need to know about this awesome bit of software that even leaves computer experts in a bit of distress thanks to how great it is but flattery gets us nowhere so let’s be a bit more factual and take a look to see if bitdefender has to swallow a bitter pill because it’s a bit out of standards you and me well we’re both gonna go deep we’re to address the pros and cons of this service find out.

if it’s safe to use what kind of security features it has and how much this kind of security costs we’ll also check how easy it is to use bitdefender and if it has a good customer support system now for mobile users out there don’t worry we’ll look into bitdefenders mobile apps as well and hey if this kind of content is right up your alley consider read this article where there is much more for you to experience.

And in the end of this article if i’ve answered all your questions well don’t be shy give it a like nothing makes me happier than the thought of my article helping you now bitdefender is a big name in the antivirus world if you already own antivirus software or are looking into getting some chances are you’ve heard of it a lot of people and websites talk about it but me we always get that eerie feeling that if something is getting pushed that way you might need to take a hard look at you know past the marketing and that’s what got me so invested.

In bitdefender is it a really good service or just a piece of coal wrapped in a fancy candy wrapper that’s what this review will find out or rather already found out but in text form so if you’re more of a reader type head through this link and then give this review a read that’s also where you’ll find the list of decent alternatives to bitdefender and well that could be worth checking out right okay now that that’s all done with let’s get directly into the review let’s go straight to the important things what are the pros and cons of bitdefender payne customers receive the full extent of bitdefender’s features so we guess i’ll start with those pros include best-in-class malware detection a built-in vpn with a free version included flexible adaptability to your device’s specs automated management of system updates tracking protection multi-layered.

Ransomware protection a 30-day trial for the paid version and customer support for both free and paid versions yeah it has all that and wehaven’t even listed all of them by the way i’m just well running out of space here but it’s not like bitdefender is perfect we nobody is known cons are the vpn is kind of restricted no customer support for the free version on mac os limited functionality of ios app and a relatively high price for the paid version yep it seems you’re going to have a bit of trouble if you’re an apple fan or on a budget as for the vpn feature well come on bit defender’s not a vpn service provider so it’s no surprise that they aren’t very good in that department now while all those pros are impressive you’ll be even more delighted to know that they mostly translate into the free version of course there are a lot of things not offered in the free version but bitdefender will protect your operating system from threats in real time and regularly.

Update the threat database while also preventing web attacks and frauds it’ll also tailor its performance to your hardware and software to not overload your os they do all that for free now that we took a brief look at the pros and cons let’s go a little bit deeper starting with security you ever heard of a b comparatives you know that austrian company that goes around testing security software to make sure privacy and security promises are upheld well that very av comparatives found bitdefender to be the security product of the year for four years weknow wedidn’t believe it myself at first but according to av comparatives bitdefender is so good it blocked 100 of malware doing a whole month of testing not gonna lie didn’t see that one coming this really is impressive now let’s take a look at how bitdefender managed to get such an impressive result if we were to go into every feature of this antivirus service this would have been an hour long article  so let’s check out the most impressive features.

That make the paid version so worth it bitdefender’s advanced threat defense is what makes the most magic it’s an intricate system that monitors all processes running on your device now if something seems a bit fishy bitdefender will be right on top of it then we have ransomware remediation that will back up your data if any ransomware will attempt to encrypt it anti-spam is a neat tool that sorts your email with a deep scan and identify spam there’s also safe play for preventing malware from getting into your payment info anti-tracker which doesn’t allow any web services to harvest your data or even track your activity now if you have a webcam installed you’ll find anti-webcam hijack useful that way no one will peep at you without your permission there are also built-in vpns and a password manager the last feature wewant to mention is file

Shredder it completely dismantles any data on your device should you decide to sell it then nobody will be able to recover the data and use it against you so let’s ask a logical question how much would a software with so many features cost obviously there’s a limited free version but if you’re going to pay there are really two options the antivirus plus package and the total security package you can see the differences on the screen more features mean a higher price but casual users might be totally fine with antivirus plus or even the free version bitdefender itself is quite easy to use with features separated in three distinct categories protection privacy and utilities

protection covers the usual antivirus stuff real time protection firewall all that while privacy refers to ways of staying anonymous online vpn safepay and password manager all belong here in utilities you’ll find optimization tools profile management and file shredder simple enough there is an easier way to make everything even easier though the lite version of the free edition which only performs a malware scan if you run into any problems while using bitdefender you can rely on the customer support team and we do mean rely the live chat support is fast and helpful they don’t care if you’re a free or paid user if you have an issue you’ll get it fixed there are also guides on an faq section on the website that will help you if you don’t feel like you know bothering an operator now i’ve already mentioned that the ios app is quite lackluster and that’s well kind of an understatement you do have protection against fraudulent.

Websites a personal data leak check and a vpn with 200 megabytes daily bandwidth so you don’t have to be a tech genius to realize this is really not enough for decent antivirus coverage on the other hand the android app is completely opposite this app mirrors the desktop one in both appearance and features there are also android only features like app applock anti-theft and shared protection now before my final conclusion let me remind you that you can read my article and read all my blog and give you a advice like this one and if you enjoy this article in its conclusion hey leave it a like now while at first wedidn’t believe the excessive chatter about bit defender’s quality and greatness just too much hype for one antivirus you know but after this deep investigation we think we all found out that bitdefender totally lives up to its expectations look it’s groundbreaking security software albeit a little more pricey than the competitors however most users will find even the free version satisfactory and you well we guess it’s up to you what you do with all this info right all.

In an organization, ensuring highly reliable data is especially important at the executive level. The wrong file or executable was copied and the safety network was broken. Especially with new viruses appearing every day and someone waiting months to get a patch from an antivirus company, that gap may not exist. The data available to an organization is so important that it stays the same without security and doesn’t have to be risked if someone is sure it will fail.

Why Enterprise Security?

Here point It seems that Windows 10 here comes with default antivirus, Windows Defender and even many free antivirus options, why do we need solution companies that pay for our offices? Here are some possible reasons why you should choose a security company instead of free personal antivirus software or paid.

Centered on system management

While free antivirus software makes sense, if you’re a system administrator and want to manage security with centralized solution-free security, don’t offer any options at all. You must install antivirus software separately on each system in your organization. If many user groups are powerful users, they may disable or remove system security without your knowledge.
Enterprise antivirus usually has its own system administration center and additional administrators who can remotely and automatically install device software security without involving every user.

cost per install

That being said, if you want to install paid antivirus software on every system in your company, the cost per installation is likely to be higher than the solution provider.

server security

Another advantage of the security solution provided by the company is antivirus and server security on top of the security client.
So, to help you avoid any risks, we’ve prepared a list of the best device-level enterprise antivirus software.

Kaspersky Small Office Security

Kaspersky is one of our oldest antivirus software available for devices. This was originally developed for companies that wanted to protect their data, especially when computers were connected to the Internet to monitor for low file penetration.

He recently moved on to serve corporate, professional and home computers. Security Office Small New from Kaspersky is a complete Internet security and antivirus package for small intranets. This allows users to fully protect one or more PCs by setting a set of rules.
The package is equipped with a range of features to protect the network from cyber attacks, unauthorized intrusions, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, and more. Kaspersky rates virus detection highly because it uses the latest library features for virus detection and big data analysis.


Achieve high malware protection
Tools to encrypt and manage patches
Mobile email, server and connection protection


Kaspersky Small Office Security is not available in all regions. You need to contact the specific provider in your area to get it.


You can purchase at least 3 users of Kaspersky Small Office Security. The price for 3 users is approximately $151.20 and the license covers the following:
3 desktops
3 mobile phones
1 file server

McAfee Complete Business Protection Point End

McAfee is the other old brand. This has changed a lot since it was acquired by Intel in 2010. Now part of Intel Security and controlled by TPG Mode. McAfee is used by more than 2,000 enterprise customers for its network-wide security, high trust_normal and detection, and fast virus blocking. In Protection Point End for Business, you get virus protection for the entire organization [intranet] – which you can use to set up rule security – further providing a level of security for PCs, Macs and Linux.
In addition to Security Office, McAfee Internet Security is available for Windows tablets and cloud server storage. Show console hosting to control it all.
Second, this provides end-to-end protection for disk encryption and cloud storage.
Chat directly McAfee has enough active and representative sales ready to solve your problems.


Comprehensive protection for virtual environments
Powerful console management that can be hosted in the cloud
Equipped with free utilities related to disk encryption, cloud storage, etc.
Great for small businesses that need privacy protection from regular to the latest

Details Protection Suite pricing McAfee Business is not available online. Therefore, you must contact the representative client for more information


Best Free Antivirus for Linux – Is you once worried that your computer that has system Linux operation will caught malware or virus attack ? is once you check it ?

Even though Linux is own more inclination small for got a virus than Windows, still just computer you possibility could caught its impact .

because of that , fixed antivirus app must installed on all device computer , no except computer with Linux OS.

But on Linux, no there is What is the name possible antivirus app already you recognize in Windows like Avast, Norton, or Avira.

However luckily , all this antivirus application on Linux released for free and of course just still Keep going developed from day to day . Well direct just following This is the best antivirus on Linux.

Application Antivirus Best on Linux

  1. ClamAV

ClamAV is antivirus application that can used in various situation such as email scans, web scans and so on . This antivirus own many very features in it such as :

Built-in support for all standard mail file formats.

Virus database is updated multiple times per day.

Built-in support for various archive formats, including Zip, RAR, Dmg, Tar, Gzip , Bzip2, OLE2, Cabinet, CHM, BinHex , SIS and others.

Advanced database updater with support for scripted updates and digital signatures.Built -in support for ELF executables and Portable Executable files packed with UPX, FSG, Petite, NsPack , wwpack32, MEW, Upack and obfuscated with SUE, Y0da Cryptor and others.

Military interface for sendmail .

Built-in support for popular document formats including MS Office and Mac Office files, HTML, Flash, RTF and PDF . Command -line scanner.

However deserve you know that ClamAV this is not a “real-time” antivirus, so the files you need have no will scanned by automatic every time you open it . So you should routine do a scan every day .

  • Sophos Antivirus

Shopos Antivirus this is one the best choice in Thing antivirus application on Linux.

Feature key like viruses, trojans and malware scanners work with very careful and the results are very satisfying be marked with detection of viruses that have percentage high .

more good again, this antivirus could work in real-time, no as ClamAV . Sophos can also remove virus from other devices such as Android, Mac and Windows.

So you Linux owners can feel safe from virus disorder originating from system operation other .

What makes Sophos more superior again from its competitors is the performance it has .

Application this really light and have small size at the time of update, namely only about 50KB.

Following this a number of feature the key in Sophos Antivirus:

Complete Email Protection.

Built-in Wi-Fi.

Proven Endpoint Antivirus.

Flexible Deployment.

Customizable Web Filtering.

Web Application Firewall Protection.

Easy Site-to-Site VPN.

On-access, on-demand, and scheduled scanning.

Lightning Performance

And still many again

  • Comodo AntiVirus for Linux

Comodo offers very free antivirus app good for Linux. No surprising indeed , Comodo has also known by Windows users because of this Comodo own powerful firewall application for Windows.

Besides that there is many Comodo products that have also been recognized his greatness all over system operation especially Windows.

Comodo Antivirus can works on 32-bit or 64 -bit systems and can used in many Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Debian, Fedora, Red Hat Server, CentOS, OpenSUSE.

In addition to antivirus, Comodo AntiVirus for Linux (CAVL) also has email filter feature and can work in real-time plus on-demand. Features other include:

Performs Cloud based Antivirus Scanning.

Scans and removes all types of viruses, and other malicious programs in all incoming and outgoing email messages including attachments.

Built in scheduler allows you to run scans at a time that suits you.

Employs heuristic techniques to identify previously unknown viruses and Trojans.

Rootkit scanner detects and identifies hidden malicious files stored by rootkits. Scans even Configuration files and Filesystem for possible spyware infection and cleans them.

Daily, automatic updates of virus definitions.

Isolates suspicious files in quarantine preventing further infection.

4. Chkrootkit

In accordance his name is Chkrootkit this used for scan for rootkits. Application this walk past command line display and application this really light , and could run on a live CD.

If you have a CD that doesn’t is used , then you could operate Chkrootkit direct through the CD . A number of features of Chkrootkit  among others are :

  • Can be run from a Live CD.
  • Rootkit detection.
  • Backdoor and botnet detection.
  • Malicious TinyNDS detection.
  • Linux.Xor.DDoS malware scanning
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