5 Tips Choose A Good Antivirus

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Have you decided to install an antivirus on your computer? If so, the next problem is choosing the right antivirus to use.


Here, you can listen to 5 tips for choosing the right antivirus for your PC or notebook that you use every day.

  1. Use an antivirus that has comprehensive protection

There are many types and variants of viruses circulating, so of course an antivirus is needed that is able to provide protection, and even eradicate various existing virus variants. The virus variants include trojans, worms, spyware, ransomware, and if necessary also have the ability to protect against network attacks.

But there are times when the virus that attacks is very specific, for example ransomware that has been circulating lately. If this virus attacks the PC or notebook slot depo pulsa you are using, you inevitably have to look for special instructions on how to eradicate it.

  • Periodic updates

The number of viruses circulating is increasing day by day. Antivirus that does not get updates (updates) will certainly be outdated and no longer able to fight the latest viruses. Therefore, make sure the antivirus you will choose is always updated regularly. The more frequent updates, the better.

  • Real time protection

A good antivirus must have real time protection. That is, if there is access to files that have the potential to threaten the safety of the system, the antivirus must immediately be “aware” and act to defend the system, including eradicating the threat.

Generally, an antivirus will perform a thorough scan the first time it is installed and after that it will activate real time protection. When there is access to a new file that was not previously included in the thorough scan, the antivirus will start working right away. This new file access occurs for example when there is external media plugged in or when surfing to certain sites.

  •  Prices that fit affordable

As with other applications available for computers, there are free antiviruses and some are paid.

Most antiviruses available for computers, especially those on the Windows operating system, can be downloaded and used without having to pay for a license. Even though it’s free, the quality of most of these antiviruses is quite capable so you don’t have to worry. However, if you have excess funds, it’s certainly not wrong if you choose a paid antivirus.

Usually, paid antivirus has the advantage of additional security features such as a firewall, data backup, and the ability to activate viruses in the sandbox. In fact, there are also antiviruses that have unique additional features, such as the ability to create a bootable USB or destroy data (delete data until it can’t be recovered).

  •  Friendly to the operating system

It is good to have a full-featured antivirus. slot pasti menang However, of course, the completeness should not backfire and burden the system. Of course it’s ridiculous if the computer that was originally used for work actually becomes slow because of the antivirus.

To find out whether an antivirus is friendly or not with an operating system, you have to try it first. If after trying for a long time and it turns out that there are no disturbances to the system, you can say that the antivirus is compatible with the system you are using. But, if it turns out that things appear that are disturbing, don’t hesitate to immediately replace them with another antivirus.

After knowing these steps, are you more determined in choosing the right antivirus for your computer?

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