10 Types of Computer Viruses and the Most Dangerous Viruses

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A common problem that often occurs on a computer or laptop is being attacked by a virus. As a result of a virus attack, it can slow down laptop performance, unread or lose important files, and even hack accounts. However, with the development of the times, the technology to block viruses is also getting more sophisticated. That’s why it’s now rare for a shocking virus attack to occur.

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Types of Computer Viruses

  1. Virus Worm

Viruses that infect computers use email and are connected to the internet. This virus can reproduce itself, creating useless random files on the computer so that the storage memory fills up quickly and the computer system becomes fragile.

  1. Trojan Virus

This virus appears through the internet and received email agen piala dunia. Trojans have the ability to obtain information such as passwords, user habits recorded in the system log, data, and even control the target.

  1. Multipartite Virus

This virus infects certain operating systems and programs which, if left untreated, will compromise the health of RAM and hard disks.

  1. Web Scripting Virus

Web scripting appears when a computer is connected to the internet and interferes with programs on the computer. Actually, Web Scripting is a program code that is used to operate the content on the website and is not a virus. However, because it interferes with it, it is classified as a virus.

  1. FAT Virus

Viruses are hidden in private data storage and are capable of damaging certain files. This virus can hide files so that it appears that the files are lost or deleted.

  1. Memory Resident Virus

This virus infects RAM and computer programs, making laptop performance slow down. This virus is active when the computer is turned on and causes programs to run abnormally.

  1. Companion Virus

This virus interferes with your personal data and hides in the hard disk. It is very difficult to detect because this virus corrupts the fake data format.

  1. Backdoor Virus

This virus is similar to a trojan, but its shape is similar to ordinary files such as games. The name backdoor refers to the mechanism by which a virus can access a system, network, or application.

  1. Directory Virus

This virus makes the computer slow down and can not open the program. This virus also infects files with .exe extension so that files can be lost or error for no reason. When this .exe file works, the virus will be active and infect other files.

  1. Macro Virus

This type of virus with agen piala dunia 2022 the programming language of an operating system application. This virus usually comes from email and attacks .pps, .xls, or other files. For that, avoid clicking random messages that are not clear.

Around the 2000s, a lot of virus attacks are very detrimental. Some of them are called the most dangerous viruses.

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